Bangladesh is a country of beautiful nature. But Bangladesh is a country that most people skip on their Asian backpacking trip, and it’s a real shame. People often forget that there are so many beautiful places available in Bangladesh with exotic beaches, hills, forests and other natural areas, coupled with modern facilities. In Bangladesh there are many attractions for the tourists around Dhaka city, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Sylhet, Sundarban etc. Today I am going to write about some beautiful destinations.

  • Tea Garden in Sylhet
  • Tribal Festival
  • Supreme Court House
  • Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban
  • Deer of Sundarban
  • Natural Spring
  • Mahastan Gar
  • Temples
  • Shahid Minar
  • Flowers of Bangladesh
  • Old Fort
  • Kantaji Temple
  • National Monument
  • Jashore Road
  • Haor Village
  • Hill Tracks
  • Ahsan Manjil